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 The contortionists we supply are the best in the world at what they do.  Contortion originates from Mongolia and these Mongolian contortionists are taught by the best .  


All the contortionists have dedicated their lives to this art and when you see what they can do is when you realise the extent of training that has gone into it.


Contortionists start at a very age , sometimes as young as 6 years old and train for more than 5 hours daily to reach a high standard.  We have solo contortionists as well as trio contortion and even combining all that with an Illusionist to create an amazing unique show never seen before.


Not only do they perfom contortion but their balancing skills combined create a beautiful sight that will have audiences oohing and ahhing throughout. They can perform different styles of contortion including traditional Mongolian style and a modern style,