Close up Magic is a great type of entertainment that will suit all sorts of events.  Cruises, Trade shows, Weddings to name only a few.  


Close up magic happens so close that the audience cannot believe what they are seeing.  Our magicians are highly trained at what they do and really will have the audience spellbound.


Cards, coins  and everyday objects make everything even more unbelievable.  If you havent seen a close up magician of a high standard before then you are really missing out.

The art of Magic and Illusion has been around for thousands of years.  


Magicians in the modern world have been forced to reinvent their magic and be even more incredible than before.  The magicians we have not only perform outstanding original illusions but also they have trained in the art of slight of hand and have won several awards nationally and internationally.  


You will be amazed at some of the magic that they can do.  Levitation, Production, Vanishes. We can supply some of the top magicians and illusionists that are available.

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Magicians/ Illusionists

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Close Up Magic